"The British star of this show was Junior Laniyan, who came on and did a solo ranging from slow, rhythmic foot tapping to amazingly fleet pyrotechnics, even hitching his trousers up at the ankle so we could see more. This is definitely one to watch, and I look forward to seeing him in future; he was clearly enjoying himself immensely, and this had a direct effect on the audience who gave him the applause he deserved."

Cross Currents' Turned On Tap at The Queen Elizabeth Hall

Reviewer - Simonetta Dixon for Ballet Magazine



“…proving that there’s plenty of talent on home soil, Laniyan takes to the stage, ears peeled and heels primed, as if he’s feeling for a portal in the music, waiting to find his hook and dive in. And when he does he jumps on the groove and burrows into the music with blistering taps. This is a dancer who really communicates the power and the joy of his art. One to watch.”

Finding Synaesthesia at The Purcell Room

Reviewer- Lyndsey Winship for The Stage



“Laniyan takes a couple of numbers, a natural musician exploring all corners of the rhythm and squeezing out as many beats from his feet as one man can.”

London Tap Jam at Digress Bar

Reviewer- Lyndsey Winship for Time Out